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At Sandon Primary Academy, our Design and Technology curriculum will enable all children, regardless of background, ability or additional needs, to flourish and become expert designers ready for the next stage in their education.

In DT, children will be provided with opportunities to problem solve, work both in teams and independently to design and make relevant products considering their target audience. The children will be given opportunities to refine skills in designing, making, application of technical knowledge and evaluating.

Through a wide variety of projects, from food technology, textiles and structures to mechanisms, our children will become resourceful, resilient, creative individuals.

As children move through school, they will benefit from exposure to progressive skills and technical knowledge during lessons. They will then apply these skills to a real-life context. For example, in year 4, children will use their mathematical skills to measure, record and compare the distance travelled by their slingshot cars.

To support with the teaching of DT, Kapow planning is used to ensure consistency in lesson structure and that the complete design process is followed in each year group. Planning is adapted where necessary to ensure that lessons are suitable and accessible for all of our children, including those children who are EAL, SEN or gifted and talented in this area of study.

Across lower key stage two, DT is expert led. Lessons for these children are fully enriching and are used as a model of excellent practice for developing staff members. Teaching across the school is responsive and addresses gaps in pupils’ knowledge as they arise within daily lessons.

During DT lessons children show their passion for this subject and thoroughly enjoy having the freedom to be creative. Their imagination is captured through engaging projects that appeal to their interests and future ambitions such as making their own pizzas and automata toys.


Learning is further enhanced through experiences outside of the classroom. In year 2 children will have the opportunity to study mechanisms at a local fairground. In year 4 they will visit a local transport museum during their mechanical systems project and learn about the transport timeline. Children in year 6 will visit a local restaurant during their food technology project.

DT in action...