Why not try one of these Scavenger Hunts?

Guess the Animal!

Our Amazing Earth!

List the letters of the alphabet from A to Z and write a word for each letter to describe our amazing planet!

Extra: Why don't you try to do the same for Sandon?



Read each of the tongue twisters out loud. Say them quickly four or five times. Which one is easiest? Which is the trickiest?

Can you think of your own?

Can you sign your name?

Send us a video of your child spelling their name in British Sign Language.


Please note be uploading a video you understand that it may be shared on our social media platforms!

Max File Size 15MB

Acrostic Poems

Acrostic poems are fun! The first letter in each line spells out a word. They do not have to rhyme, but the words should be carefully chosen for the best effect.

Can you make one for 'Sandon'?

There are 7 differences. Can you find them?

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