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This week at Sandon!

It has been another jam-packed week at Sandon this week and we wanted to share with you just some of the activities that have been going on across the school!

Little Sandon

Both Sunshine's & Rainbow's have been participating in various activities to celebrate Diwali and Bonfire Night!



Nursery have been celebrating Diwali, they have experimented with colour, mixing and even made diva lamps using sour dough and other resources! To celebrate Bonfire Night they have also made a fire in the woods as well as Fireworks in the Sky creations!



Reception have also been learning about Bonfire Night and Diwali! They have been making firework patterns, writing firework noises and making mini Guy Fawkes to burn on our bonfire!


Year 1

In PE, we’ve started a new topic of gymnastics. We learnt how to do the ‘L shape’ and the ‘pike’. We focused on making shapes with our bodies and in the picture you can see the girls creating a bridge. We’re learning all about the seasons in science and have done some cotton bud painting to show how the trees change throughout the seasons. We had lots of fun!

Miss Evans Maths set have been finding the whole number by adding together within 10. We have used counters, multi link and number lines to help us find the answer.


Year 2

This week year two have started to learn the song hands feet heart in music. A song that celebrates Africa. We practised using movement to find the pulse. In Geography, year two have built our own maps of the world to recall the 7 continents and find the UK. In Science, we have built the houses of the three little pigs to identify what materials they used, their properties and suitability for a house. We then advised the three little pigs about the best material to use for their next house.


Year 3

In year 3 RE, we have started learning all about the Creation Story as we are focusing on the religion of Christianity this half term. In DT we have started our cushions project and have been practising running stitch.


Year 4

Miss Colclough’s Maths set have been practising finding 1,000, 100, 10 and 1 more or less using 4-digit numbers. We used place value counters to help us by physically adding or removing them as necessary.


Year 5

This week half of Year 5 went on a trip to Apedale Heritage Centre. Here's just a few pictures of what they got up to!


Year 6

We have had a great first week in Year 6. We have begun to look at the Ancient Greeks exploring the artefacts, creating winter shapes in gymnastics and immersing ourselves in our new text The Promise.


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