Normacot Grange Road,

Meir, S-O-T. ST3 7AW.

I couldn't be prouder of receiving a post card from my little man. What a great idea that touches parents hearts. Your topic this half-term "world explorers" will give them great imagination and appreciation of the planet earth.

The way you have developed these little minds is outstanding. Superb school. More power to you all.

Parent, February 2019

As well as building relationships with the children in their care, staff have also built great relationships with parents. I could speak to any staff member and know that I will be listened to and that my opinions and comments are valued. Communication between staff and parents is excellent. Staff take time on a daily basis to chat about my child's progress, learning and just general well-being. I am regularly informed of his next steps in learning and his daily diary is completed every day without fail and is always personalised and detailed.

Parent, October 2018

I want to compliment the school for all of the support that has been provided to a particular sibling group. These children have received stability and nurture from Sandon primary during a time of significant difficulty for them. Your over and above approach has been invaluable for the children. Sandon primary is a real asset to the local community. Keep up the great work!

Parent, July 2018

My son has been at Little Sandon for 9 months and has settled in fantastically. The provision and level of care provided is excellent with the use of the outdoors areas as an extended learning environment something the creche should be proud of as it lends an extra aspect of learning most nurseries lack.

Parent, March 2018

Just watched the video on the website and it shows how far the school has come on in the last 6 years. Having a step son in the school back in 2010, still then the school provided lots of opportunities and has really tried to achieve the best for each and every child. But the facilities that are available now are amazing and a huge success with the children, the way they are used too, because it's ok having the facilities but if they are not used to their full potential then it’s just a waste. But from how my children have come home talking about their learning on the farm and their independent learning in the village etc then it is evident they are used to their full potential. The one area I can say that really makes me proud is how creative the teachers are. My daughter has come home so excited, telling me about the adventures of super tata and evil pea, and what they have got up to that day. It makes learning so much more fun and that is evident with how excited she is. Thank you Sandon Primary, you should all be proud.

Parent, December 2016