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We extend a warm welcome you as you take a glimpse of the learning and fun that takes place at  Sandon Primary Academy.

‘Excellence and Fun’ are priority areas here at Sandon and our saying for very many years is that ‘You have to learn to be happy before you are happy to learn’

From this you will see that developing a wide and deep range of learning opportunities across the curriculum is so important in ensuring pupils learn. Carefully planned and well delivered learning across all subject areas affords children to achieve in very many ways. Children excel and showcase their individual interest and talent because they are happy to learn and consequently they immerse themselves in the learning, the exploring the enrichment.

The school and community have come a long way since 2008 when we were judged to be failing our pupils in all areas of the curriculum. Carefully thought out actions, a relentless drive to improve the fabric of the school and the learning environment has resulted in year on year improvement of what we can offer the child and the community. The role of the community cannot be underestimated and with superb links with our parents we strive to ensure that only the very is best is good enough for each and every child.

The Swimming Pool is testament of the need to equip children with lifelong skills that will prepare them to be confident and resilient young learners. We are so very proud of all of our facilities and how we use them to deliver an excellent and fun learning experience. In 2023 we had the most applications for a place in Reception across the city of Stoke on Trent, what an honor.

Entering my sixteenth year as Headteacher, I am committed to continue to punctuate our wide curriculum with continued enriched opportunities, to ensure that the individual development of each child is as personalized as possible and to continue to work closely with the community to ensure that we are striving to be proud of our area and of our school.

Rachel Beckett

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