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School Uniform

At Sandon Primary Academy pupils wear their uniform with pride. Smart uniform promotes a sense of community as well as positive behaviour and effective learning.

Main Uniform

  • ​​A claret sweatshirt or cardigan with an Academy badge  
    (blue trim design for Nursery and Reception)
    (badging by School's In)


  • A blue polo shirt
    required - optional badging - by School's In)


  • Unbranded black/grey trousers/skirt

  • Black shoes - if possible, with Velcro fastenings rather than laces unless pupils can tie laces

  • Unbranded blue and white gingham summer dresses or black/grey shorts
    (optional alternative for summer months)

  • Black or white socks / plain grey or black tights


PE Kit

  • Outer blue PE top - all pupils

  • Outer blue PE bottoms - all pupils

  • Inner PE top - Years 1 to 6 (Nursery & Reception can wear a plain white unbranded top)

All three elements of the PE kit are required and are purchasable from School's In in Meir.

PE KIT.png

Pupils must NOT wear;

  • Hoodies, sportswear or sweatshirts

  • Trainers (unless for PE lessons)

  • Nail varnish


Hair & Jewellery


Pupils should have sensible hairstyles that are appropriate for school. Hair should;

  • be natural in colour

  • be tied back if long

  • NOT have patterns or tramlines (or anything of a similar nature)

No jewellery or elaborate hair accessories are to be worn at school, however, the following is permitted;

  • Plain hairbands, bobbles and hair clips (blue and white gingham is acceptable)

  • Watches

  •  One pair of plain, stud earrings (no earrings to be worn for PE lessons)

Non-compliance with the Uniform Policy

Parents of students who do not wear the correct uniform, will be contacted and requested to bring in a change of clothes for their child.

Any jewellery or elaborate hair accessories will be asked to be removed and will be returned to parents at the end of the school day.

Elaborate hair styles will be asked to be grown out and not be repeated in the future.
Persistent and defiant non-compliance with the p
olicy will result in appropriate sanctions.

Hot & Cold Weather

During the Autumn and Winter months we strongly advise that children bring a warm coat, a hat, scarf and gloves to ensure they can enjoy playtime.

During hot weather, we strongly advise children have sun cream and a sun hat - for more information on staying safe in the sun visit the

NHS advice page.

'New to you' uniform swap

If you have any unwanted or outgrown uniform that you would like to donate, please wash and bring in to the office.  

During the last week of the school year we run a 'New to you' uniform swap shop in the school main hall.

If you have any questions about 'new to you' uniform swap please contact the office.


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