Phonics & Reading

Phonics is carefully taught through structured planning, a fast pace and active participation by all children. Pupils are given opportunities to apply what they have learnt and practice their decoding skills through reading phonetically decodable books. School does not use a specific phonics scheme but uses the phases outlined in Letters and Sounds for EYFS and the National Curriculum spelling program of study for Key Stage One.
When stage ready, children are provided with a range of opportunities to practise their reading through the following schemes;

Outstanding Curriculum

The curriculum at Sandon is outstanding as it provides rich and relevant experiences within the school context and inspires pupils to learn.


The provision is fundamental in engaging all pupils’ and developing independent resilient learners over time. As a result of accurately identifying pupil need, provision is matched closely via high quality provision.

The curriculum is further enhanced by the use of the Academy’s facilities which consist of a swimming pool, reptile room and enchanted village. These enriched experiences allow practitioners to bring learning to life.

School places great emphasis on ensuring key skills for learning are embedded in the Early years and Key Stage One. Reading holds high value across these phases and is given priority alongside basic number, word and sentence writing. 


Collins Big Cat is a reading programme with in-depth teacher resources.

Dandelion Readers are a series of books targeted at Years 1-3.

Collins - Collins Connect.jpg

Collins Connect is a digital resource used by teachers in the classro


Acquisition of skills and knowledge is sequenced carefully for reading, writing, spelling and mathematics from Year 1 to Year 6. Further information can be found below. All learning is taken from the National Curriculum 2014.


The climate within the school supports all pupils as they grow and flourish.
The school places great value on nurturing and developing pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and this is a strength of the school. SMSC and British Values are an integral part of school life and as a result, pupils gain the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in life. 

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