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At Sandon our curriculum ensures all children make progress from their starting points and develop into well rounded individuals who will be able to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live. Children will develop a vast array of knowledge and skills, which they can transfer across different subjects and apply to their everyday lives.


The range of experiences we offer support and champion our culture and ensure that our children benefit from a full range of academic, spiritual, moral, social and cultural activities.  These activities enrich children’s lives and those of our whole school community and make them proud of where they live. We understand that children will not be successful learners unless they are emotionally secure and happy.


Enrichment is woven into the very fabric of teaching, learning and personal development. Our children come to school with different life experiences, some of which are limited, which in turn impacts on their vocabulary, reasoning and understanding.  The curriculum at Sandon provides a wealth of trips and visits to enhance learning and create memorable, life long learning experiences. Learning gained from these trips is invaluable, children develop understanding about the world in which they live which in turn makes learning inside the classroom more tangible.


The curriculum is carefully crafted and devised to ensure breadth and balance for all - every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development. Our careful curriculum design and planning means that we build in many opportunities for repetition and practise opportunities for essential knowledge, skills and understanding in every subject. This ensures that children are able to revisit previous learning, which allows them to gradually develop a deeper understanding of the skills and processes within subjects, at their own pace and in the best possible way for each individual child.


Sport is recognised as an excellent tool in enabling physical and mental well-being and as a result we employ a PE specialist to ensure that we deliver a robust and challenging PE curriculum to all children.  To complement this, all children make use of the onsite swimming pool and take part in weekly swimming lessons.


With the understanding that some of our children enter our school with lower than national starting points, we believe that family and community engagement is key to break down the barriers of any possible, pre-existing negative school experiences and to welcome families in to our happy, vibrant school.  The early years’ team focus highly on play-based learning which is informed by topics and children’s interests and complemented with a balance of adult directed tasks. This approach to teaching ensures high level engagement for all children throughout their early years’ education and creates positive learning experiences in readiness for Key Stage 1.


Our curriculum is implemented by highly skilled teachers who; respond and adapt their teaching to the needs of every child, ask questions to probe and encourage deeper thinking, develop children’s ability to learn independently, use assessment and feedback to accurately plan the next learning step and who ensure they have good subject knowledge for every subject they teach.

Teachers and subject leaders also identify opportunities to embed the teaching of safeguarding in other areas of the curriculum where relevant and take advantage of unexpected learning opportunities related to safeguarding. Our curriculum includes teaching children about road safety, substance abuse, keeping themselves safe, bullying, staying safe online, radicalisation along with being responsible citizens. It promotes British Values, valuing and celebrating difference and developing an understanding of life in 21st century Britain.


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