Frequently asked questions

How much is dinner money?

Dinner money is £11.00 per week payable on Parent Pay. Please speak to the school office if you wish to change to school meals.

Who do I speak to if I have a concern?

In the first instance, we ask that you speak to your child's class teacher. They spend the most time with your child and will be able to assist you with most matters. If you still have concerns, please speak to the school office who can arrange for you to speak to a Senior Leader.

Is there before & after school provision?

Yes. Sandon runs a breakfast club from 7.30am and an after school club until 5.00pm. Visit the Care Club page for more information.

How will I be informed of a school closure?

If we have to take the decision to close the school (e.g. bad weather) the information will be communicated to parents in various ways. A text message will be sent to all parents/carers. An app message, Marvellous Me message and Facebook message will also be sent out. The school website will be updated and the local radio stations will be informed. The school will also be listed on the council school closures page.

How long after an illness can my child return to school?

Generally, children should return to school when they feel well enough to. If your child has a sickness bug they must return to school 24 hours after their last bout. If they have sickness and diarrhoea this extends to 48 hours. For other illnesses, please telephone the school office team who will check incubation periods. Children displaying symptoms of COVID-19 must immediately isolate and take a test.

Can the school administer medicine?

Yes. The medicine must be presecribed by a doctor and be labelled by the pharmacy. Our administration window is between 12.00pm and 1.00pm, please work your timings around this. In order for us to administer medicine, parents must complete the relevant form and return to the school office. Please do not send medicine in to school in your child's bag.

Is parking available on site?

Yes. Parking for parents and visitors is available on the car park at the front of the school. Please note that the postcode for this side of school is different to our postal address. Parking postcode: ST3 7AN

What should I do if my child is late?

If you arrive late for school you will need to report to the school office to gain access to the school. Pupils and parents/carers are encouraged to make every effort to arrive at school on time and ensure pupils are collected on time as lateness can be very disruptive to the class or child. Instances of lateness after 9.15am may be unauthorised. Persistent lateness may be met with Education Welfare involvement.

What should I do if my child is ill?

If your child will not be in school due to illness you must inform the school office before 9.30am. You can do this in a variety of ways; telephone us after 8.30am, leave a voicemail message at any time, report the absence on our school app or send us an email. Please keep us informed of your child's absence, updating us each day they are absent.

What will happen if my child becomes unwell or has an accident at school?

Unfortunately, children do sometimes become unwell or have accidents whilst they are at school and we may need to call you. It can cause a child distress if we are unable to contact you in these circumstances. Therefore, please ensure that we always have at least 2 up-to-date contacts.

What are the school times of day?

Our doors open at 8.40am and close at 9.00am. Please go to the office if you arrive after this time. Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 end of day is 3.00pm, Key Stage 2's end of day is 3.10pm.

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