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Alien at Sandon!

Last week, Year 1 came into school and discovered a crime scene. They investigated and made predictions about what might have happened. The children had lots of fantastic ideas but we were still unsure so we had to check the CCTV. Can you believe what we saw?!

The clues led us to believe that there was a yellow alien on the loose at Sandon. Children worked hard to figure out what it might look like!

Today we have checked the CCTV and the alien has been caught out and about around school! We couldn’t believe our eyes!

Year 1 have learnt that the alien is named Beegu and that she is very friendly.

However, this part is IMPORTANT - she is still missing! Over the next few days, children will be creating an advice leaflet on how to look after Beegu should you find her.

Keep on the lookout for our new friend!


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