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Moo, Moo, Quack, Quack

Updated: May 15, 2021

It has been a very noisy week in the Rainbow room, the children have been practising their animal noises and exploring different textures, as they create their own farm yard animal. This week we have also been over to our garden to plant peas. The children were amazed at how big and tall our onions had grown! Also this week, we have been busy chickens, looking at number recognition and using positional language. We had to put a chicken on top of the barn, under the barn and some children even tried to think where 'next to' the barn would be. Next week we will be having a big focus on Math looking at counting, number recognition and 2D shapes. Please practice at home with your child and please send in home learning pictures has we do love to see them. Thank you.

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