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Reading week!

This week we have been focusing on reading for pleasure. Lots of us in Year 5 believed that we could not or did not enjoy reading, however this week they have discovered books that we have enjoyed reading daily without a reminder from teachers.

We started the week speed dating different genres, deciding if we would like to continue with our chosen book or ditch it for another reading date. This gave us plenty of opportunity to find a book that we would not have previously looked at and for us to immerse ourselves into a book other than the banded school books.

Once we had picked our books we took part in a book club, discussing and reviewing what we had read so far. This allowed others to gain an interest in different genres (The Famous Five is now has a huge audience in Year 5), Lewis describes these books as having "an ugly face but a great personality".

To continue our week of reading we have had lots of opportunities to sit and read without distraction. To help us to connect with our books a little more and build and image of what the author written about we focused on visualisation. Creating an image from the use of language, it was not about the artistry but using the the features the author had used such as personification, similes, metaphors or expanded noun phrases to imagine being part of the story.

We have had a fabulous week and some of us have already see reading in a different light and are wanting to read independently, take a look at our week.


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