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Science House Day!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Yesterday was Science Day! There were lots of activities going on across the school and we had some fantastic creative homework entries!

The theme for the day was growth... take a look at what we got up to below!

Creative Homework! Here are just a handful of the entries. Well done everyone!

Y6: Sandon Record Breakers

Meet Year 6's Record Breakers!

As part of our Growth themed science day we have taken part in our very own Sandon Record Breakers!

We have measured and calculated to see who:

• has the longest hair - boys and girls

• is the tallest and shortest

• is the youngest and oldest

• has the biggest and smallest feet

• has the biggest hand span

• has the biggest hand span

Y3 VR Headsets!

Yesterday, we went on VR to explore the life cycle of a plant, had house team competitions to win house points and investigated different things such as ‘are people with bigger feet taller?’ 🦶

Y2: Strength & where our food comes from!

We have looked at how exercise helps our strength to grow. Here are a few snap shots of our children turning our playground into a gym. 🏋️

🐖 🌱 🍎 The children have also been looking at where our food comes from? Does it come from an animal or a plant?

Then our own farmer Kiddle came to answer our questions about where food comes from. 🌱 🐄 🥛


A super class of scientists today, looking at growing and deciding who was the tallest had the longest hair and who had the biggest feet !! The children decided to see who could do the biggest jump too 😀😀

Y4: Who's the tallest?

After some detailed workings out, here are 4B telling us who’s the tallest and the shortest!

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