This week at Sandon - w/c 15th November

Another action packed week at Sandon! Whether it's Spike the bearded dragon, the virtual reality headsets or a visit to Coventry Transport Museum - we've found lots of exciting ways of helping our learning! Take a look!


Little Sandon

Sunshine's have being looking at our own pets and being kind to animals this week. Children have enjoyed pretending to be vets, have named the piglets Peppa and George, and have fed the birds. They have also created their own pets.

Rainbows have been learning to take turns when playing games this week-pop up pirate was lots of fun.



We have been on a local walk around the Meir, we looked at different types of homes, we recognised signs and shapes in our local environment and we even practised road safety!



Reception have enjoyed learning how to care for our Wieners this week. We went to feed them yummy breakfast and learnt what kinds of food are best for their diet. We have continued to work hard in Maths and have now completed our very own story of the three little pigs.


Year 1

Year 1 enjoyed going into the forest looking for signs of Autumn. The children collected lots of items and then came back into the classroom to make some observational drawings.

Year 1 have also worked very hard to make kindness posters for anti-bulling week.

To launch our history topic on toys, we brought our own toys to school and also looked at some retro toys. We discussed the differences between the old and new toys and had lots of fun!


Year 2

Year 2 are continuing with their gymnastics, focussing on balancing.

In Geography we have looked at the United Kingdom and it’s location amongst the 7 continents. The children know that the UK is in Europe and it is made of four countries. We have also looked at the Seas surrounding the UK. Check out our maps...


Year 3

In science this week we have started learning all about skeletons. We used VR to explore the human skeleton up close and even had a visit from Spike the bearded dragon and discussed what skeleton we thought he had!


Year 4

Our trip to the transport museum!

Year 4 have also been putting their investigation skills to the test to see if they can create a complete and working electrical circuit! Great team work and scientific enquiry.


Year 5

History meets Vikings! We wrote an anti-bullying poster for a Viking in Runes as it was anti-bullying week.

We also made board games and evaluated them, ready to write a set of instructions based on our text, The Lost Thing.


Year 6

Year 6 have had a fantastic week with lots of exciting activities: we have completed a QR code hunt to find a secret message and also had a go at creating our own QR codes; used the VR headsets during literacy; carried out a science experiment to prove that light travels in straight lines and also completed lots of practical maths! What a busy week!

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