This week at Sandon - w/c 22nd November

Take a look at what we've been up to this week at Sandon!


Little Sandon

This week we have been talking about our favourite things. We enjoyed food tasting, playing superheroes outside and water play.



Nursery's learning this week is based around London!



Reception have really enjoyed this weeks story 'Stickman'. We have created our very own Stickman in the forest and in Literacy we have used our imagination to think of different things we could use a stick for! We had magic wands, swords, brushes and one was even Santa Claus! We even had time for a super swim!


Year 1

Year 1 had a fantastic time at the Black Country Living Museum!


Year 2

This week in Y2 we have been looking at the book the Dragon Machine. On Wednesday the Dragon machine crashed into the wilderness and we went to look at it. Here is some writing from Monday where the children looked using sub-headings to explain how to spot a dragon around our school.


Year 3

In year 3 RE this week, we have been learning all about the Bible Story of 'The Fall'.

We have also been doing some brilliant gymnastics work focusing on symmetry with our partner!


Year 4

In RE, Year 4 have being looking at what Baptism is in relation to the Holy Trinity, they have also been working in groups to generate questions that they would like to ask the Minister ready for our trip to Broadway next week.


Year 5

In science as part of our Lifecycles topic, we have dissected a flower in order to identify the parts and their role.

We have also designed and cut out a template in D&T to make a Christmas decoration.


Year 6

What a week in Year 6! We have been cooking vegan pizzas in our D&T lessons and some of us enjoyed sampling them. We also had our very exciting 'Science Day' where we had a visit from the 'Explorer Dome'. We took part in two workshops: one on Space and one about our science topic which is Light. It was amazing! We learnt so much about our solar system, how star constellations link to Greek myths, all about light and how it travels and so much more! The fun didn't stop there as we continued our learning in the classroom by making our own periscopes to learn about reflection and our own spectroscopes to learn about how we see in colour.

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