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This week at Sandon - w/c 8th November

Whether it's learning about the local area, moving onto lengths in the pool or discussing the importance of Remembrance Day - it has been another jam-packed week at Sandon. Here's what everyone has been up to!


Little Sandon

Rainbows have been learning about pets this week, they have enjoyed playing vets, craft and pet noises on the board. We enjoyed looking at everyone’s pet photos too!



The Nursery have been looking our My World, Your World, focussing on our city of Stoke On Trent.

We’ve looked at what Stoke is well known for, we’ve talked about pottery, moulding the dough to make a tea cup, making repeating patterns on the tea pots.

We also sang and did actions to the nursery rhyme 'I’m a little tea pot'.



Reception have been learning about the three pigs, we have made our own houses and tested how strong they are, worked in our construction area and written our own pig story books. In maths we have been looking at how we can make a number by using smaller numbers.


Year 1

In Year 1 we have been working so hard in maths. Looking at addition and part part whole models.

We've also discussed the importance of Remembrance Day and created some beautiful poppy masterpieces!


Year 2

This week, year 2 have been dragon spotting. We have been using positional language to collect evidence for Mrs Beckett!


Year 3

In year 3 swimming we have moved onto swimming lengths of the pool instead of widths and we have been doing a brilliant job!

In Miss Grindlay’s literacy this week, we have started learning all about direct speech and used jelly beans to represent the inverted commas so that we would remember them, well done year 3!


Year 4

In Year 4 this week we have been learning about networks. We have looked at the devices we have across Sandon and considered how they connect to our network. We then created a network map. Well done Year 4!


Year 5

This week, the other half of Y5 visited Apedale! We visited the museum, had a tour of the mine and then the country park. A super day out!


Year 6

Year 6 have had another great week! We have been creating our own classroom library system by generating barcodes, continuing to develop our gymnastics by working together to create counter balances and we even had a trip to look at our bus to get inspiration for designing the new library!


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