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Week 5 - Jack in a Box

Questions to ask your child and discuss:

1) Have you ever been on a train or a boat?

2) Have you ever been on a boat or to the beach?

3) Have you ever been to a castle?

4) What would you make with your box?

Parent prompts:

Using our imagination and taking part in role play is an important part of play and learning. Stories can help us to imagine things that we can not currently experience, for example, riding on a train, and it is good to extend children's learning through play experiences. For example, we can make a train from a box, the sounds of a train with our mouths or the musical instruments we made last week, and we can pretend we can see things from the window - maybe by looking through a cardboard roll telescope. Your imagination can be as adventurous as you want it to be! But remember, your child will need you to support their little imaginations with your own big imagination! If you do not have a large box to create something from your imagination you could use any box at all - a cereal box, egg box, tissue box - or even clean empty containers, materials such as blankets, cardboard tubes, empty plastic bottles etc. We look forward to seeing your imaginative creations.


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