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Year 6: Trip to the IWM- Manchester 🚌

Our Year 6 students have taken a trip to the International War Museum this week to further their History learning.

They heard some stories from evacuee Norma who was a volunteer at the museum, learnt about how animals have assisted in war everything from dolphins 🐬, to dogs 🐶, to pidgeons, and they tried on some hats & helmets but we think their favourite part was smelling some of the typical war smells!

Take a look at some of their reactions to the “Smelly Feet” and “Gun Powder” smells! 🤢🧦

During the afternoon the students took part in a 'We Were There' workshop where they met with veterans Jay & Paul where they talked of their time serving in the forces and the children were also able to ask them any burning questions that they may have had! They certainly had lots to ask!


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