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Yr 5: Blists Hill Victorian town

Our Yr5 students took a step back in time and experienced the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian life on their educational visit to Blists Hill Victorian Town. 🚌

The students got a taster of school life in the 1900’s .✏️ Before entering the school house the children got dressed up in traditional Victorian wear- how great do they look in their dresses & bonnets and smart coats & hats! 🎩👗🧥

They then made their way down to the school where they met their “new teacher”, Miss McKellam.

The students also got some time to explore the Victorian village where they were able to discover all of the different shops, stalls and sites of Blists Hill. 🥖🍬🍭

It was a great trip expanding their History knowledge of the Victorian era!


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