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A mystery delivery in year 3!!

On Monday, a mysterious box appeared in each of the year 3 classrooms!

It was from the Lazy Pet Company and had some live and fragile contents!

We have been using the box as a stimulus for our literacy work and spent our lesson on Monday generating some questions all about the box and what might be inside.

Then on Tuesday morning...

When the year 3 teachers came into school, the box was open and the animal had escaped!! There were some clues left in the box though, there was some cushion stuffing that looked like it had been used for bedding and some leaves and sticks.

The year 3 teachers were a little bit worried that they might get into trouble for letting an animal escape so they went to check the CCTV cameras to see what had happened.

Look at what they found...

A sloth having fun in our school!!! We couldn't believe it!

Year 3 have been VERY excited and have been checking the trees on the playground to see if they can spot him. Watch this space to see the brilliant writing we will produce in literacy all about the sloth, Sparky!


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