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A strange object has been found!!!

Today something strange has happened at Sandon! Year 3 spotted a strange object on the field, so they went to investigate...

In pairs they observed the peculiar object that had been left on the fields, recording that they had found a trail of footprints, although the total number of footprint is not clear it has been said that there was around 20-30 in total. Year 3 believed these to be the footprints of a large animal, maybe a crocodile, a huge bird, or a dinosaur!

Why was it here? What was it? What was inside? How did it get here?

After their investigation they went back inside to check the CCTV for more evidence of what could have possibly left such a strange egg shaped looking object, take a look at what they found!


This huge beast had left an enormous egg on Sandon's field and when we went inside to check the CCTV the egg had fallen and cracked, Year 3 went back outside to investigate and found a baby dragon.

Please keep checking our blog for updates on the baby dragon and if its mother returns.

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