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Measurement and Much More!

We began our new mathematics learning with measuring length this week. We measured a variety of objects to practice using a ruler to measure in centimetres. This helped us to develop our measuring skills whilst having some fun.

In Literacy, we have learnt about shape poems. In order to recite the poems we studied, we practised this on our own then had to recite a chosen poem to one of our friends. They had to guess what our poem was about based on our descriptive words!

As we are writing our own summer poem about ice cream, we only thought it would be lovely for the children to have some ice cream to inspire their literacy ideas! It was delicious! We specifically focused on creating adjectives and alliteration in our writing.

Our hunt for Year 2's common exception words. The children had to hunt for them around the playground and practise reading them. As a class we also used chalk to practise writing them on the ground too! This was lots of fun in the sun.

During PE, we practised our skipping, jumping and hopping by creating routines to follow. We would use our skills and to get to each cone then change it so we had the opportunity to develop all of our skills. We also practised running by learning how to relay race!


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