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Our Exciting Learning in School!

We would like to share with you what we have been getting up to in school during the past few days! We have lots of fun places to go at Sandon Primary Academy so we have been using them all to help our learning.

A Scavenger Hunt!

We looked around the school grounds for types of flowers, animals and things relating to nature. This really helped us to start our Scientific topic of plants.

In the Village!

We chose one of our houses to read a favourite story. This story is called 'Spider Sandwiches'. It was very funny!

On the Zip-wire

Due to our hard work in literacy and mathematics, we treated ourselves to having a go on the zip-wire for some fun!

Shapes, shapes and more shapes!

We used our knowledge of 2D shapes to create pictures from lots of different shapes. We discussed their names and thought of what we could create with them. Here are some of our masterpieces.


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