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Structures, Stability and Shapes.

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

In Design and Technology, we have been discovering what a stable structure is. We first looked at man-made and natural structures and completed a sorting activity. Then we discussed what makes a stable structure.

We looked at different shapes and how they may be able to provide stability to structures.

In order to test different shapes and their stability, we carried out a test. Each pair made a cylinder, pyramid and cube out of play-dough. Then, we put these shapes on one end of a whiteboard, tilted it up and measured how far we could tilt the whiteboard until the shapes fell off! Each pair recorded their results and we discussed what we found out.

This allowed us to see that shapes with a wide and flat base were more stable. This was because we could tilt the whiteboard higher before the shapes fell off compared to other shapes.


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