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Super Symmetry and More!

In order to learn about vertical lines of symmetry: we have folded shapes to investigate the lines of symmetry on shapes, drawn the lines of symmetry and today we have experimented with different shapes and symmetry by making our own creations using elastic bands and peg boards. Look at the pictures below to look at our mathematical masterpieces. We tried really hard to ensure both sides were exactly the same.

In mathematics, we were creative and invented our own species of butterfly remembering that the wings are symmetrical. We then designed and coloured our own butterfly - making sure both wings looked exactly the same on both sides.

In the afternoon, we used Claude Monet as inspiration for our paintings. Using water colours and painting 'The Truth of Nature' was our aim for our art lesson. We did very well!

In our Science lessons, we have been learning about plants. We developed our computing skills by typing our own information poster about plants. We even tried to copy and paste pictures onto our Word document.

One day we also made some posters about what makes a good friend in the village. We thought of some things that make us a good friend by being Sandon Rock as well as what we would like a good friend to do for us - for example make us laugh if we are sad.


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