Tractor making and cake baking!

What a fantastic end to our week! Today has been full of fun...We were able to put the finishing touches to our group project tractor and we must say we think it looks brilliant! First we sat down and discussed our ideas, then we made a plan and drew a picture of what we wanted it to look like. Next we got to work and created our tractor out of junk modelling and finally we painted and assembled it! We even thought about window wipers, fuel gauges, steering wheels and trailers. Next to finish our week, we used the eggs we collected from our Sandon chickens to bake some delicious cakes. We worked in teams to check and weigh the ingredients, then read the method and follow it step by step. We learnt new skills like how to sift the icing sugar and how to crack and egg and most importantly we had fun decorating and eating our cupcakes. All in a days work Reception...phew! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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