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Year 3 Swimming Gala!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Today, some children took part in the Sandon Swimming Gala. They all did absolutely amazingly and should all be very proud of themselves. It is a brilliant achievement to take part in the gala and it was so lovely to see how much progress they have all made with their swimming.

The results

1 width of backstroke

Gold: Lola-May

Silver: Kelsea

Bronze: Alicia

Well done girls!!

1 width of front crawl

Gold: Millie

Silver: Alfie-David

Bronze: Poppy-Mae

Amazing, well done!!

2 widths of backstroke

Gold: Macey

Silver: Jayden

Bronze: Logan

Fantastic work guys!!

2 widths of front crawl

Gold: Macey

Silver: Tyler

Bronze: Logan-Marshall

Brilliant work!!

Have a look at some photos and videos below of how we got on!


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